Cary, by nature, is a silently passionate person. She loves life and has many talents and interests, but until about 5 years ago, she spent a lot of time enjoying the pursuit of these from within her comfort zone. Upon attending her first personal growth training retreat–which she thought would be a “romantic week” with her husband on a private island in Belize–she found herself facing fears and being gently “forced” out her comfort zone. She entered this process silently “kicking and screaming” and came out with more enthusiasm for life, more confidence, and a desire to keep facing fears in order to discover the joy on “the other side.” Since that powerful week in Belize, she has been on a persistent journey to live life on purpose and rediscover her voice.

Cary is passionate about education. She is a “professional student” and recently achieved a life-long goal of earning a bachelor degree (actually two—one in Psychology and one in Spanish—after having taken time off to raise a family. She and her husband, Dave, have been married 25 years and have 5 amazing children, who so far have give them 3 grandchildren! Cary loves being a wife and mother, but her current favorite title is Grandma.


“I was raised in a small town, the oldest of 7 children, by amazing parents who taught me how to work hard and instilled in me a strong sense of who I am and who God is. My faith in a higher power and a higher purpose is a huge part of who I am.

However, I also “learned” through different life experiences that I was somehow not “good enough” in the eyes of other people. I wasn’t pretty; I was bigger than the other girls. I wasn’t good at sports or as fun as everyone else was. I didn’t have anything cool about me, so I had no reason for people to want to be my friend or to want to know who I was. But my parents had taught me that I was smart. I came to a realization that maybe I wasn’t athletic, pretty, or fun, but I had a good mind and a strong spirit. I found confidence there, and it is still my favorite part of me.

I enjoyed school. I was involved in many different activities throughout jr high and high school. I took whatever honors classes were offered (which wasn’t many,) and worked hard to obtain a scholarship so I could go to college. After 3 semesters at Brigham Young University, I met my husband, and we were married just 3 months later. I soon became pregnant, and I put my education on hold in order to focus on my family.

Raising a family is among my greatest joys and fulfills a large portion of my highest purpose, but it also gave me an excuse to become silent. I’ve always been a “capable person” with many interests and goals and a drive to achieve and succeed, but in taking care of everyone else, I put myself away.

Deep down, I still knew who I was–I was still very driven and I still had a purpose—but it had become cloudy. I knew I had something to say—I just wasn’t sure how to speak up. I had become “invisible,” and I kind of liked it that way, but at age 40, a week in Belize changed that. I met a powerful trainer who “saw me,” and he (along with my wonderful husband who has always supported and loved me) encouraged me to rediscover who I am. I now desire to be seen AND heard. I have found my voice, and I desire to help other women do the same.”


“Cary is someone who was really quite a silent person who is now stepping into a whole new realm. I have watched her challenge herself outside her comfort zone, and I think it’s really powerful. I think just the very nature of somebody not teaching something but living something and sharing it is different. She’s not just wanting to teach, she’s wanting to share what is happening to her, and it’s creating results, which is a more powerful form of teaching. Where a lot of people read something or they feel inspired to share something, they’re not actually living it. Cary is living it and sharing it at the same time, which I think is very powerful.”

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