“I have known Cary for many years and have been so inspired by her personal and professional transformation. Cary was a keen observer of people and had much to share with the world, however like many other women, she was someone who rarely spoke out or shared her insights or thoughts, especially in public situations. Like so many other women, she had lost her voice and was becoming more and more invisible.

Through her personal determination, courage and passion for life and people, she has not only rediscovered her voice but now also shines a bright light and is leading other women to do the same.

What makes her brand so powerful is that everything she teaches has worked for her, and it will work for you.

David T.S. Wood

Amplified Leadership

“Cary has blessed my life and business on so many levels. I’m very grateful for her mentorship, her big heart, patience, and wisdom. The funny thing is that she used to go onto my nerves and I couldn’t put my finger on it at first! I hadn’t even met her at that time, we never spoke, she had never done anything to me, yet she irritated me to no end every time I’ve heard her talk on her husband Dave’s podcast. And then it hit me! Cary was my MIRROR… She was reflecting back to me all the areas where I still had work to do on myself. I had two options: to either shut my device off and walk away or to open my mind and heart and do the work. I took a deep breath, chose the latter one, and asked Cary to mentor me. I am now more at ease and have been completing even those tasks that I dreaded until recently. Potential clients are now pursuing me and long-lost items have reappeared. Cary took me from overwhelm and chaos to peace and order.

Sanja Cooklin

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cary for over 10 years. In that time, I have seen her grow, learn, educate herself, find herself, discover her voice, her courage, and direction. Her passion for growing and and always challenging herself to improve is inspiring. Cary’s giving, easy nature makes her a joy to be around and work with. She is a quiet observer, and always has something positive and uplifting to add. She is a compassionate leader who truly cares. Cary’s passion of helping young girls and women find their voice is powerful and touching. I would take any opportunity that I can to learn from her. I always do.

JoJo Bennington

Belief Coach, Entrepreneur, Wealth Creation Specialist, Team Builder, jojobennington.com

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