Interview with Enolia Foti

Here are a few highlights from this interview:

Cary: Enolia and I have never physically met, but we have spoken several times online. We have much in common and I love her heart.   We are similar in purpose–helping women to discover who they are and what their passions are.

Enolia: “I’m a woman who has transformed my life.”

Cary: Tell us more about these 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Enolia: Grandmother is an affectionate term for elderly woman. These 13 women from all over the world gathered together and shared this beautiful message that  “It’s now time to come forward, to use your voice, speak your voice, be empowered and touch the hearts of others.” This caused me to question “why am I really here? Who am I? what’s my purpose here?” I found that my role here is to help plant seeds and to help women bring forward their dreams when they feel stuck, when they feel blocked and not just women, people in general.

Cary: What are your workshops like, and do you have any stories of people who have discovered their voice from attending these workshops?

Enolia: Sometimes we are our biggest block. We all are wounded in some kind of way, we all have gone through hurt or pain in some kinda way and many times those hurts and those pains shape our lives and that we don’t have to choose to allow that story or that pain or that wound to shape our lives for the rest of our lives. We can shed that story. We can get past that story! We can move through it and become and discover what we love and who we like and express ourselves better and to make decisions not based on a person that’s wounded but based on a person that can celebrate life and love who she is and look at herself in the mirror and love what she sees.
The beauty about this is that they become empowered to say “I can do this! I can bring that joy to my heart and I can choose to be happy, choose to make a change in my life, choose not to let the same triggers that bring me down the same rabbit hole over and over and not do that.” It’s a beautiful thing to see a group of women really, really understand that.

Cary: A lot of people can attend a personal growth workshop and feel motivated at the event and then go home and go right back to their own patterns. To have 3/4 of the people who attend your workshop actually change their lives, that is powerful.

Enolia: I don’t provide them answers, I help them find those answers within them; and if your heart is truly calling for change; you’re capable of making that change.

Cary: In doing this work, do you continue to find your own blocks and how do you move through them. What is your story?

Enolia: It’s an ever going process. It’s like peeling an onion and there is layer after layer after layer. Anyone that says that they’re done is not telling the truth because we’re continuously growing. Every day is an exploration of that beauty of who I am. I share my stories and share what I went through in my workshops to let women know that they’re not alone. We’re all going through different aspects of life where we need to shed our blocks and move forward.

Cary: Part of what connects us is that you have come through your own experiences and have discovered a pattern of what works, and now you are sharing with others what you are continuously doing to emerge and become. It’s in the “doing” that brings the power to what you do.

Enolia: I can come from my heart and be released of judgment and released of perceptions and not take on anybody else’s perceptions and be me. We all have something to offer; we all have something to give, and it’s so important that we all work together. There is room for everybody and we all have to work together.

You can find out more about Enolia and her work on her website:

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