I am in love with anything that has the potential to put my brain on fast forward!  This idea, along with her obvious passion for learning, is the very thing that attracted me to Marilyn Schoeman and her game, BOFFO–Brain On Fast Forward.) The more I talked to her about the possibilities of what she has to offer, the more excited I became!

Boffo: 1) (n) highly effective or successful; “Brain On Fast FOrward”

Cary: Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for BOFFO?

Marilyn: As a teacher, I wanted people to not only be creative but also to recognize their ability to do it. BOFFO creates space to be creative and provides a tool for you to know you can come up with breakthrough ideas quickly. I also wanted people to know that they can be creative on the spot, predictively.  BOFFO is played in a Green Light manner, which means it encourages a positive and supportive environment that encourages risk taking and is conducive to creativity. It’s easier, more light-hearted, and safe.

Cary: I was hesitant to believe that a board game could do what you said it would do–increase my ability to think creatively–and after playing a couple of rounds, I knew I had to interview you. Could you explain why it works?

Marilyn: Our brains are so incredibly powerful, and for the most part we only use a tiny part of it. BOFFO triggers a huge part of our brain. You take a “thing,” which is a “launcher,” and an action, called a “booster,” and you put them together to make something new. Then, as you play the game a little bit more, you add a “target” where you put the idea to work. Using a launcher and a booster together allows you to think of new possibilities that wouldn’t have been thought of before, and that triggers other possibilities, and more and more.

It’s a really fascinating process! Creating new synapses, expanding possibilities for your brain to create new ideas, new ways of interacting with people, and initiating unity and teamwork.

“As soon as you sit down and start playing BOFFO, you are in the moment and that “other stuff” falls away.

So it’s a great thing to do to shift moods, and shift conversations as well.” -Marilyn

Enjoy this introduction to my cute friend, Marilyn, and to BOFFO!!! Learn more about how to create “ah-has in the moment” and “all things Marilyn” at her website: www.GoGreenLightWay.com.

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