I am very excited to bring this interview to you! I got to room with Melody as we both attended the Amplified Train the Trainer with David TS Wood and Lisa Nichols in Gold Coast Australia. She touched my heart, and she will touch yours, too.

Cary: I believe that connecting women to their virtue is the pathway to finding power and purpose.  To me, “connecting to virtue” is another way saying “finding and expressing your voice.”  An important step to “finding our voice” is figuring out the value of who we are as people and understanding that we are powerful and beautiful just as we are.

Melody: (6:00) Clutter clearing is more than clearing clutter. It’s meeting with people heart to heart. It’s not just the stuff on the outside. It’s the stuff on the inside. It’s the stories we tell ourselves.
(7:20) We have to find a sense of who we are within our relationships, within our lives,  and very often what I find is it really is the missing connection to who we are, the truth of who we are–the deeper beliefs, the deepest beliefs, our deepest values.
(11:51) Who are you? Who are you really? Why are you here? What are the gifts that you have brought to earth with you, and what are you doing with them? What needs to happen for you to feel so comfortable in your own skin so that you can come out, so to speak, so that you can come out and shine your light and just be who you are and feel yourself empowered within your own life, to feel yourself as valued and valuable and as necessary to the evolution of this species.
(13:50) Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love and learn that love is yours and you are love. (Quoted from Marianne Williamson)
(14:50) We, ourselves, within our mind,  we create these false beliefs about ourselves when we are so young, when we are so small, when we first experiencing life itself.
(15:48) We are daring to become. We are daring to become real. We are daring to become seen. We are daring to become heard. We are daring to put ourselves out on the line and risk feeling that criticism from the world and risking that rejection.
(17:23)  Let’s work on ourselves. Let’s work on ourselves and the miracles that will happen just as the result of changing our own vibration, our own field, our own psyche, our own journey and way of being in the world. That presence that we feel when we are with someone who has the courage to just be real–What that does is gives other people the permission to dare to to be real too.
(18:40) Learning to fly is just a leap of faith.
(20:15) It was such a relief to have someone else give me that permission and now I’m giving other people permission.

Cary: Tell us what you do.

Melody: (22:50) I arrive and I land and I’m there and I’m really there and I’m interested….it’s a listening, it’s a listening.
(26:55) I do process-oriented clutter clearing. It’s process-oriented clutter clearing, and it’s very spiritually rooted, to bring the soul and the spirit into alignment with the physical.
(27:52) I’m not just clearing. The clearing happens, but it happens as a natural part of the process of actually restoring a human being to its full self.
(32:47) When we find ourselves unable to express ourselves with our own voice, we know there is a problem, and it goes deep. And all we need to do is set the intention that we will find our voice and that we will find a way.
(34:24) We must have a change of value system so that we can count the things of real value. And one of those things–the first thing–is ourselves.
   (34:40) For every parent out there, if you do not value yourself, let me tell you your children will never value themselves. You have to dig down deep. You have to find the way to bring this beautiful voice of yours out. And it is beautiful. I have not heard it yet personally, but I’m telling you it’s beautiful. And your own message and your own gifts that you brought where to earth were given to you for a reason and this world is not going to change without each and everyone of us stepping up and becoming the woman that we were born to be.
(37:59) I stopped feeling ashamed of what I don’t know. I stop feeling ashamed of what I’m not. I stopped listening to other people tell me that I can’t be this and I can’t be that, and what I’m doing know is saying hello. Yeah, I do process oriented clutter clearing and it’s very spiritually based.

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