#1 Hitting 5,000 followers on Instagram! 

Thanks to all those who are following and sharing with your friends. It really means so much! 

Next step, 10,000!! Are you with me?

#2 The first ever Isa-SHiNE! 

This week I got to SHiNE for a cause in Nashville!! And…It was such a fantastic time!! 

I created an opportunity to combine my favorite nutrition, my favorite workout, and my favorite charity. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now– Just me, being me, doing something I love with people I love. 

I’ll definitely do this again. Our company has events at least 4 times a year, and I plan to do a SHiNE class at each one of them that I attend!

#3 I grew up “a little bit country,” and I finally got my first pair of boots…

Just don’t make me wear a hat!🤠😉

More than ever, I know who I am. Deciding to BE that, SHOW UP 💯 as ME—always—no matter what—can be scary sometimes.

I’m so grateful that I have learned to LOVE the feeling on the OTHER SIDE of FEAR.

#4 It’s way more fun to get out and DANCE

than it is to sit and watch…and wish… and wonder.

I once rolled my eyes at “step outside your comfort zone.” Like WHY would I do that?

Happiness. Breath. Magic. THE OTHER SIDE! ⬅️ That’s why

Do you trust me?

#5 Feeling EXTRA grateful!

I’m blessed to do what I do, to work with people I love, & to LIVE the life of my dreams.

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