Casey is a nurse-turned-network marketer, and has fallen in love with the industry. Through this share to share industry, she was introduced to the power of positive and intentional thinking.

She was living in New York with her husband in a tiny apartment that had no heat when she began thinking, “There’s got to be something more.” She has since discovered that “something more.”

Cary: How did you decide it was OK to let go of your nursing career that you worked so hard to get and do something non-tradition.

Casey: My friend Jennifer introduced me and I just started surrounding myself with the possibilities. I saw the vision, and thought, “If they can do it, then why can’t I?” And I did a lot of reading and learning to help me hold the belief.
To give up nursing, people thought I was crazy. And when I first started network marketing, I was really bad at it! But I surrounded myself with positive thinking and people who had the same drive as I did.

Cary: You didn’t have to just get rid of all of the people in your life, did you?

Casey: I surrounded myself a lot of authors and podcasts that became my positive influencers. The people I hung around just didn’t have the same desire and they didn’t want to be open to what I was learning, and that’s ok. I craved it! And it’s amazing the new relationships that do come into your life. You certainly not missing out, but you don’t have to forget your circle. It’s fun, too, because a lot of times when you elevate yourself so high you can go back to your circle and those people who weren’t ready and bring them with you. It’s a win for everybody at that point.

Cary: What do you feel like your first step to finding your VOICE was?

Casey: I am still learning who I am. The person I was a year ago is not the person I am. And a year from now, I’m sure I’ll be a different person. We are creatures of creating, learning constantly—failing constantly, elevating constantly—and I’ve become really OK with the fact that I’m not shooting for a destination. It’s a journey.

I’m open! Let me thing it, study it, get some feeling behind it…the most expensive thing that we can do in life is to be closed.
When you have that value in yourself and know that you’re worthy, you know that he challenges happen FOR you.
The secret to having it all is knowing, the secret  you already do.

Cary: I hear a lot of people say they progress for awhile, and then they hit a wall and they stop. I have watched you go from one magnificent win to the next. What is that gets you past those wall-kicking moments and to act on your intention even when you don’t want to?

Casey: I’m kind to myself, and I think that is the #1 piece of advice that I have is you have to be kind to yourself on this journey of change. Would you have friends if you talked to them the way you talk to you? Allow yourself to shut down technology, put your feet up, curl up with a book, cuddle with a loved one, and then get back to it!  Action will push down fear and doubt every single time.

Sometimes action is reading a book, sometimes it’s a meditation, sometimes it’s networking.

My new motto is “Finding the JOY in the journey.” I once heard Tony Robbins say: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

These are just a few of the many nuggets that Casey shares!!! Enjoy her energy and her wisdom!!

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