I am excited to launch my INTERVIEW SERIES!

I’ve learned that we are all more connected than we think we are. And a lot of us feel quite alone. Like there’s nobody like me or I’m the only one that believes the things that I do. But although we have differences, a lot of us are quite the same.

I meet and am touched by so many amazing people who are living their lives on purpose and making a difference in their corner of the world.

Here are a few highlights from this interview:

Teri: “I am a massage therapist, a single mother of 5 children. I love my work. It has been very fulfilling to me to get into the massage and energy work and put the two together. What makes me excited about getting up in the morning is helping people. I have transformed my life, and I love to give people tools to transform themselves–especially women–those that have struggled like I have.
Julie: I love getting out of bed in the morning cause I do really cool things. And if they’re not cool, I make them cool. And this work has also transformed my life. I have been at this work for a little over 17 years, it just has a way of grabbing a hold of ya, and says “let’s go and get this done.” And I’m not done yet, but I am doing the “let’s go” part. Helping people is a side note. For me, I realized that I was helping myself, and by doing that, I was able to help others. It started out as a selfish thing, but turned into being something greater.

Teri:  My journey in energy work made me feel like a box was lifted off of my head, and everything in the universe became available. And as I learned that my thoughts were energy, I learned that we attract what our frequency is. We are all connected, but it’s not always a clear connection. Any kind of negative emotion or negative belief we have of ourselves, will only create more of that negative energy. So clearing out that energy helps us to move on with our lives instead of holding us back. One thing I love about this energy work is that it makes people feel empowered and makes them take charge of their lives.
Sometimes people don’t know that there’s something else out there, just like me when I felt like I was in a box. I didn’t have all of the information. But when you tell people about energy work, it’s like a light goes on in their eyes.
Julie: I have found that as we talk to people, the ones that are ready for the information are the ones that we are talking to. We just are who we are, and we attract the people who want more information. They have to be open to receiving it.

Cary: I believe that there’s a readiness in the world right now. I feel like the world is more ready now than it ever has been to learn about this. I often feel like I finally know everything until I realize that the only thing I understand, is that I understand nothing.

Julie: I wanted to start getting all of this out there, and give everyone access to this knowledge. So Teri and I got together and came up with Dragonfly Soul. We are constantly moving and growing and flowing and in the allowing stage. What we do is all about living in an infinite possibility world. There’s so much out there. Don’t stop searching, continue to learn and you’ll find what you’ll need. You’ll actually just be sitting there, and it’ll find you.
Teri: Our goal is to travel all over the world and empower everyone.

Cary: It’s abundance mentality: we don’t need to keep everything t0 ourselves, we are not in competition but it’s in sharing where we find the abundance, the joy, the connection, and that’s exactly what I’m looking to do.

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