I am excited to introduce you to  my friend, Trina Glines.

Trina: I’m a mom and a wife, I should have said “wife” first because that’s the order it should be. I have 5 children, one daughter four sons. My oldest two are married and my third just got engaged. I have one grandson, and Cary would agree with me that it’s the best calling in life being a grandma. A little bit about me, I love life,I love traveling, I love doing things with my family, I love getting away with my husband, and I love having a new passion. It’s actually not a new passion.  Cary is the one that pointed it out that I’ve always had it. I was just harried for a small period of time because life happens.

Cary: Do you want to tell us a little bit about your process of discovering your passion for helping others to strengthen their marriage?

Trina:  Early on in my marriage, it was natural for me to make sure I put my marriage first, make sure we go on dates, make sure I hire a babysitter so we can get away–not just for a date but a night or a weekend. I didn’t have availability of family members. I had to hire babysitters. I just made sure that was a priority, even though we were super poor and had kids really fast and a lot of bills going on, hiring a babysitter was always a priority. Then as life went on and things happened–finances got worse or better (we went through both,) kids grew up, and as they got older, there were challenges–life kind of happened–and a little bit of that passion that I had got buried.

During the process of marriage, I created what I call the “safety box.” My safety box was a place I would go anytime my feelings got hurt, anytime I didn’t feel heard. Anytime I felt some sort of riff between my husband and me, I would go to that box. I would keep listening– I was just in robot mode. I was not letting myself be emotionally involved at all… During my process of trying to figure things out, I went to a counselor and found out that it wasn’t my safety box, it was my unsafe box… The counselor explained I am not safe in there, and he gave me some powerful tools to get me out of that box.

I’m so thankful for every process in my life because it’s gotten me to where I am today. There was a day that I specifically remember, the altering moment was when I had been in my box for a while and Cary had followed me through that journey. She knew where I was and she knew I wasn’t doing well. I was standing in my closet and I just had a thought of, “Is this what it is? Is this how the rest of my life is going to be?” And the “D- word” popped into my head. Never in 25 years of marriage had that ever happened to me. I never even considered divorce, EVER! And I understand the power of the mind, so as quickly as it entered is how quickly it scared me. I don’t even want to entertain that; I don’t even want to go there. Why did that come to my mind? I have a wonderful husband, I have a wonderful family, what is wrong with me? Why am I in this box and I can’t get out? So in that moment I text Cary and tell her what the moment was, didn’t tell her what had just happened, nothing. I just texted her and said “Hey, I need help.” She knew where I was already, so she sent me a text back and said you need to read this book and she sent me a book that’s on marriage….

I texted Cary and I said “Cary what am I passionate about? What have you always known me to be passionate about?” And you texted me back and said “Your marriage, of course!” And of course, I was thinking “How can you think at after what I’ve been through the and you watched me go through?” but I just think that that is proof to women that we can just bury those passions with all the junk of life and it’s up to us to dig them back out.

Cary: My passion is seeing passion come out of people. It lights me up…  So, what do you do now?

Trina: I have started mentoring women on strengthening their relationships with their husband, and men in general.

Cary: Bob Proctor says “never set a goal within the boundaries of what you know you can achieve.”

Trina: Knowledge is power for all people– husband, wives, whoever.  Knowledge is power, but we go into these relationships with no knowledge. Nobody even talks about it, and I’m going to break that paradigm. We are going to talk about it.

Cary: If somebody is wanting help in understanding the language of men and strengthening their marriage, how do they find you?

Trina: You can find me at www.TrinaGlines.com. You can go to the “contact” link at the top of my home page and just send me an email. … You can also go to my  Facebook page , Trina Glines Mentoring. If you “Like” my page, you can then contact me through messenger.

Cary: She knows what she is doing and it’s powerful. Any last words?

Trina: Don’t ever settle… We deserve to have happiness in our marriage. We are meant to be happy and married at the same time.

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