I have a message and I feel compelled to share it, because my story is not my own.

All of us experience challenges. Some of our challenges are visible: disability, disorder, disease, poverty, abuse, addiction…  My heart goes out to people who suffer with such things, and I feel joy and inspiration when these people are able to overcome the struggles they face.

Some of us struggle silently with things that aren’t as easy to be seen, and often these people feel alone. In comparison to some of the challenges they see others endure, their “problems” seem less significant than what others are going through, so it can feel like they have no right to struggle. On the outside their lives look “perfect,” and no one is supposed to know. They feel ashamed or weak or stupid for feeling the way they do, and they stay silent. It’s as if they are being beaten repeatedly with a really large club which is their own negative voice.  I understand it because I lived it for a really long time. I lived with the enemy—all the time— and it felt like I could never escape.

I’m so grateful that I found a way out—led by beautiful mentors who offered safety and support.  I was given a gift that is now mine to give.

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