I plan each Thursday to do a blog post.

I call it #ThoughtfulThursday.

Thoughtful, as in “full of thought.” Only this week, I am feeling more the thoughtfulness of people and the miracles of life,  and I’m Thankful.

So, I’ll also call it #ThankfulThursday.

I mentioned that I PLAN to do a weekly blog post, and lately, each Thursday I find excuses to not do it. I’ve talked about it before. Apparently, there’s still a “perfection” block somewhere. Of course, this means overcoming the need for blogging perfection has become my next deep dive.

Last night (which was Thursday) as I laid in bed–somewhere between asleep and awake–I first realized I yet again missed a #ThoughtfulThursday post.  My thoughts turned quickly, however, to the recent happenings of my life. Suddenly I was overcome with gratitude as I realized that so many of the VISIONS I have written on my 3×5 cards have been manifesting! Life is a progression of miracles!

  • Manifestation #1: On Wednesday, I became a published author as Journey of Riches: Personal Changes was released on Amazon. It’s a compilation book headed by John Spender, and my story is told in Chapter 2: “Time To Stop Hiding.” (A little bit ironic, hey?)
  • Manifestation #2: Next week, October 5 (also Thursday) my first podcast will be born: Dare to Find Your V.O.I.C.E.  I remember how afraid I was to join Dave on the Mechanic to Millionaire podcast 3 years ago. I also knew that if I said no, he probably wouldn’t ask again, and deep down, I really wanted to join him. I am so glad that I did! It has blessed my life in so many ways!!
    • And now I also have MY OWN SHOW!
  • Manifestion #3: Community! Friends! Connection to beautiful, powerful people who support me and whom I am blessed to support in return. I am surrounded by this blessing every day!

I am so overcome!! Amazed! Awestruck! 

And yet…it feels so natural and “in the flow…” 

The gratitude is real.

Today I recorded three podcast interviews. I really love interviewing people. The stories of ALL people fascinate me, and some touch me in powerful ways. The three ladies I interviewed today have all blessed my life, and I am still so touched by the words of wisdom they shared with me (and soon all of my listeners) today. One in particular, Udana Power, talked about how she cherishes the “juiciness of ordinary moments.” As she spoke, I realized that THAT is the very source of my gratitude!!

When I first joined Mechanic to Millionaire, I was hesitant to share my stories. I used to think they were too ordinary and small and extremely unimportant, but as Dave and I talk about the principles of success, so many times I feel compelled to share the little things! I used to worry that I said too much, but every time I share my silly little fears and how I have pushed myself through them, those are the times that I receive messages of love and gratitude from beautiful people. Those are the times that I get to feel YOU–the listeners, my friends–because you also open up and share with me.  So THIS is what I am feeling so grateful for tonight–the love and support that all of my listeners, friends, partners give me–always. It’s because of all of YOU that I am able to speak my V.O.I.C.E., and I’m extremely grateful.

Your kindness and acceptance have led me to find my calling. I feel it more and more deeply each day.

I will end with this simple little “accidental” video that explains how I came to first accept then grow into my current role of connecting women to their virtue, power, and purpose. But really, there are no accidents… 😉

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